Shad Minnow


Land that trophy fish instead of bending the hooks out!  This is a fly that wiggles and dives like a plug.  Imitates a variety of baitfish species; excellent fly for all predator fish.  Unlike the small, jointed version, this fly is made for really big fish–it is tied on a thick (.041″) wire harness with Gamakatsu tarpon hooks.  6-inch version $25; 9-inch version $30.  Available in White, Red-Head, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Chartreuse/White, Carp, Fire-Tiger, Pink/White, and Shad/Baitfish.



Additional information

Color scheme

Brown Trout, Carp (orange-yellow), Chartreuse/White, Fire-Tiger, Pink/White, Rainbow Trout, Red-head, Shad/Baitfish, White

Size (length)

6-inch, 9-inch